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About us

In 2013, 4x 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis set out to create a line of products that fulfilled needs in his competition prep that were unanswered in the marketplace. Nothing replaces the forging process that is the day in and day out dedication of hard training, clean diet and intense cardio for a lean, fit, stage ready physique. For certain situations, you need a little more out of all of your dedication and sacrifice. From that need Dragon Nutraceuticals® was born.

Dragon Nutraceuticals® was founded by the guiding principle of 1% Better than Yesterday. One percent may not seem like much, but 1% can be the difference between a good you and a great you. This is a personal philosophy of Flex’s that he lives by daily, “If I look in the mirror and see a version of myself that is 1% better than yesterday, I am making progress and that also might mean that I’m probably 1% better than the person standing next to me on stage, which is the difference between being a champion or not.”

The products manufactured by Dragon Nutraceuticals® are designed to give you the edge that could be the difference of a 1% better you than yesterday. Whether your goal is to be stage ready or just to have a lean, fit physique, we are here to provide you with the most unique and effective formulas ever developed that will far exceed your expectations. If you are looking for results that can’t be found from your traditional brands, look no further than Dragon Nutraceuticals®.

Dragon Nutraceuticals® – Forge Your Own Greatness